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3 years ago


Artist of the Month - Xavier Samre

3 years ago

Artist of the Month - Xavier Samre

3 years ago

Portrait, Xavier Samre

 QUICK FIRE ROUND with Xavier Samre 

- what was the first photography book you bought?

Bear Pond by Bruce Weber. At that time I was living in London and saw the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in 1998. It was a shock, but I did not have any money and went 2/3 times to the museum shop before buying it. I have been collecting books for years now and this one is still my favorite one, not the most popular from Bruce but definitely a very special one with relatively unknown projects from Bruce Weber.

- what is your favourite colour?

Blue as I loved the magazine in the 90’s…

- who are your photographic influences?

Bruce of course, but also Alair Gomes for the voyeurism, Peter Beard for the madness, Raymond Depardon for it’s B&W, and Irving Penn for the strength and purity…

- what is your favourite museum or public gallery?

The National Portrait Gallery in London: one of the few museums in the world that has the same consideration for photos and for paintings. They might present a portrait of Margaret Thatcher by Helmut Newton next to a Queen Mary I painting from the 16th century. British museums still have a real modernity. 

- if you could buy any photograph which would it be?

Dovima with Elephants by Richard Avedon. I had the chance to see some prints two or three times in my life and this is an incredible experience: it’s more than a photo. I hope younger people will not only know photos through Instagram but will discover the pleasure to admire a real print in a gallery and maybe on their own walls.

- your favourite holiday destination?

Rio where I used to live; NYC when I lived in Rio, but also Los Angeles for the light, Bangkok for the food…I used to love only big cities, but after I lived in Brazil, I fell in love with the countryside and I’m now more and more travelling in remote areas. My next project would be to visit Africa: Tanzania and Mozambique, where the coast looks like northeast Brazilian coast…a kind of lost paradise for me.

- if there is one living person you could photograph who would it be?

Actor Dolph Lundgren today, but also in 1985 when he was in James Bond. The coupling he formed with Grace Jones was fascinating…just google him to understand.

- what is your guilty pleasure?

Beef: it’s not easy to say this nowadays but definitely a 'proof of the existence of god' when cooked on a barbecue. The French beef is good but the Argentinean beef is the best.

- what is your favourite city? 

Rio of course for the people first (and not only the boys!). I fell in love with this city almost 20 years ago. Rio is closer to Marseille in France than Paris and has the capacity to change somebody forever. A Brazilian friend of mine tells me I’m boring in Paris, definitely not the same person than I’m in Rio. He’s probably true: people there have a generosity that makes you feel well …and 'carioca'

- which charities do you support?

Any charities that help children from the favelas in Brazil being educated decently and reduce the inequalities that remain extremely high in this country. 


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