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2 years ago


Artist of the Month - Matthew Finley

2 years ago

Artist of the Month - Matthew Finley

2 years ago

Portrait, Matthew Finley

- what was the first photography book you bought?

Out of high school I pursued acting, so I don’t think I bought many photo-books until I turned to photography in my 30s. I believe it was The Male Nude by David Leddick.

- what is your favourite colour?

I generally say Blue because there are so many shades of blue that I love, from a dark, serious navy blue to a bright, happy teal blue.

- who are your photographic influences?

I’ve always loved the emotion and master story telling of Sally Mann, the daring and confidence of Robert Mapplethorpe and the tenderness and exploration of George Platt Lynes, to name a few.

 - what is your favourite museum or public gallery?

I have to say it’s the Museum of Art & History in Lancaster California because they were the first museum to show my work. In addition to that, I love them because they are so supportive of up-and-coming artists. They are constantly at portfolio reviews and giving of their time to see new work and make new connections and I haven’t seen that as much from many of the larger museums.

- if you could buy any photograph which would it be?

Oh gosh. There are so many that I love from the past that I have an emotional response to and new ones I see all the time that I’m like, damn, that’s pretty amazing. I’m going to pick a classic and say Moonlight: The Pond by Eduard J. Steichen. I love the quality of light and it’s so mysterious.

- your favourite holiday destination?

There are so many places I have only been once that I would like to go back to but a regular destination for me has been the mountains of Colorado. I was born in the California mountains so dramatic peaks and pine trees touch a special place deep in my chest. There is something so refreshing and relaxing about hiking through them that just clears my head and reminds me that there’s more to life than a To Do list.

- if there is one living person you could photograph who would it be?

I want to say Barack Obama. Just to be in the same room as him would be mind blowing. What he represents in history and how much he means to me, like royalty. But knowing myself as I do, the pressure would be too much, my head might explode. I wouldn’t sleep for a month before agonizing over every detail and possibility. So, I will say Cindy Sherman. She’s a legend in photography but one who plays, and I can just imagine us playing dress up and having fun.

- what is your guilty pleasure?

Fresh, restaurant chips and salsa. I could eat basket after basket. That crunch/salt/cool salsa/spice just hits some primal spot.

- what is your favourite city?

Wow, that’s hard. I really haven’t been to my top contenders often enough to pick one clear winner. New York is fun, London is amazing, Paris is beautiful, Rome is wonderful…I can’t. Don’t make me. I need more research. Send me on assignment.  ;-)

- which charities do you support?

Color of Change is a civil rights advocacy group that was formed after Hurricane Katrina and I find their intentions clear, and their methods really make sense. And SAGE is advocacy for older LGBTQ+ people who might not have as much family around them as they get on in years.


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