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2 years ago


Artist of the Month - Krzysztof Marchlak

2 years ago

Artist of the Month - Krzysztof Marchlak

2 years ago

Portrait, Krzysztof Marclak

- what was the first photography book you bought?
 If I remember correctly it was Jack Freak Pictures by Gilbert & George. I saw their exhibition in 2011 at Laznia Center of Contemporary Art in Gdańsk, Poland. I had so much fun watching them. I was impressed by the colours, scale, and ironic meanings of the artworks. The book is a catalogue of that show.

 - what is your favourite colour?
 Generally, I prefer cold colours like green or blue, but in clothing I love pink, all the shades of it.

 - who are your photographic influences?
 This is a difficult question. As a painter (I obtained a PhD in Fine Arts – easel painting) I am always looking for a Fine Art touch in photography. I am inspired by classical paintings by artists like Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres or Sandro Botticelli. Since my childhood I have always loved photographs by Pierre et Gilles too, but there is one series of artworks that directed me towards photography – beautiful flower compositions by David LaChapelle. I saw them for the first time at the Casa dei Tre Oci Gallery in Venice in 2017. Colour, scale, painterly effect and beautiful combination of classical art and modernity opened different areas of my own creativity. 

 - what is your favourite museum?
 Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy is the place that I could spend hours watching beautiful renaissance portraits and discover techniques of old masters. Another, very special place for me is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow, MOCAK. I was working there for almost five years, and there was one exhibition, that driven me into queer art more. The title of it was Gender in Art (2015), and I was an art educator and guide on this collective show. The responce of the audience and society made me slowly shift from abstract to gender issues in my own art. 

 - if you could buy any photograph which would it be?
 Earth Laughs in Flowers (2008-2011) by David LaChapelle 

 - your favourite holiday destination?
 Sicily. It is a place where I need to go at least once a year. Sun, sea, great food and beautiful people. I just feel happy and relaxed there. This place gives me something new each time I am there. My favourite area is Vendicari Natural Reserve with its amazing beach, not far from Noto and its astonishing baroque architecture.

 - if there is one living person you could photograph who would it be?
 I really like to photograph ordinary people and capture their individual beauty. I truly treat photography as a magic tool that makes visible the beauty of man and its diversity. If I had a chance, I would like to travel more and capture more people of different origins and cultures. Here is one person though that I would like to work with - a Polish actor Bartosz Bielenia. His role in the Corpus Christi movie was a masterpiece. It would be a pleasure for me to capture his portrait.

 - what is your guilty pleasure?
 They are too many of them! Italian gelato, shopping, coffee and cigarettes. 

 - what is your favorite city?
 I live partially in Milan due to my partner, Davide. And I have to admit that I love this city. When I came there for a first time I was 21 years old. It was a time of my coming out as a gay man. This city, and mostly the people that I met there, gave me a different perspective on the world, gave me strength to be myself. It is a beautiful and vibrant city – full of fashion and design, fancy nightlife, great events, breathtaking architecture and history, and on the top of it all that there are so many inspiring individuals around. It never stops to inspire me.

 - which charities do you support?
 I support Kampania Przeciwko Homofobii (Campaign Against Homophobia) – a Polish Organization that helps LGBTQ people with legal support and social education for equality and tolerance. I also try to regularly support fundraising campaigns helping individuals. I prefer to keep my donations private.


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